SC46 Fieldpiece Clamp Meter

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SC46 Fieldpiece Clamp Meter

SC46 Fieldpiece Clamp Meter
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True RMS Mini Clamp Meter with Temperature and Backlight  - “Big” Meter Function in a Compact Design - SC46
The SC46 True RMS Mini Clamp Meter with Temperature and Backlight packs the biggest punch in the SC40 series.  With features that rival many full-sized clamp meters, this auto ranging DMM packs a ton of functions into a compact, easy to handle shape.  It includes temperature and capacitance as well as a bright green backlight and True RMS for more accurate readings on non-sinusoidal AC waveforms. It also packs in most of the other HVACR ranges you use everyday. Some technicians use the SC46 as their everyday DMM, others as a back-up or second meter to get more testing done in less time. This mini-clamp was deigned to make your job easier, safer, and faster no matter where you choose to rank it in your bag.

  • True RMS
  • Temperature  
  • Capacitance (MFD) 
  • 400AAC
  • Non-contact Voltage
  • Hold  
  • Backlight
  • Volts AC
  • Volts DC
  • Resistance (Ohms)
  • Continuity
  • Rugged ABS case
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Auto power-off 

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