R410A Refrigerant

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R410A Refrigerant

R410A Refrigerant
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Composition R32/R125 (50/50) 
Family HFC 
Main application fields (in compliance with the 
legislation in force) Air conditioning 
Molar mass 72,6 kg/kmol 
Thermophysical properties: 
Normal boiling point (at 0.1013 MPa) –51,6°C 
Critical temperature 70,2°C 
Critical pression 7,77 MPa 
Properties at 0°C (at saturation)* 
 Unit (SI) Liquid Vapour 
Pressure MPa 0,80 0,80 
Specific Volume dm3
/kg 0,85 32,81 
Specific heat capacity 
• at constant pressure 
• at constant volume 
kJ/(kg K) 
kJ/(kg K) 
Viscosity 10-6 Pa s 165,72 12,23 
Thermal conductivity W/(m K) 0,115 0,012 
Surface tension N/m 0,009 
Heat of vaporization °C 0,10 
Pressure kJ/kg 220,8 
* These data are derived from the brochure Thermodynamic and physical Properties of R410A published 
by the IIR. You can order it on line. 

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